Variable margin is calculated at the end of each trading session and the purchase price is set equal to the last price.
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You can insure a position against price changes. In case the position is insured, you will not incur losses on this position for the entire period while the insurance is in effect, even if the price changes significantly
Страхование на 1 день
Страхование на 7 дней
Страхование на 30 дней
Страхование на 90 дней

Insure 10 GAZPM stocks for a period of 7 days for 1 200 RUB.

FORTS Derivatives Market is a specialized exchange platform for futures and options trading.
Access to the FORTS market requires a monthly fee of 1000 RUB.

The futures market carries significantly higher risks, so we do not recommend novice investors to work in it. Read more about the FORTS market on the Exchange website.
I want to be able to trade on the FORTS derivatives market.


Stop Loss and Take Profit type of orders are active only during the main trading session. The rest of the time, such orders are inactive.

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Close an entire position At Market, if the price reaches
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Do you want your Stop Loss order to be adjusted automatically based on the fluctuations in the market price? If yes, set a trailing Stop Loss order.
Trailing stop orders are used to maximize and protect profits.
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Take Profit
Close an entire position At Market, if the price reaches
Gain from current price, %
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